Novelties of the sewing industry — an updated combination of the best

We present to your attention a novelty in the sewing industry — the Minerva Select machine, which is presented on our website in 3 models.
Minerva Select 45

The updated model Minerva Select 45 is useful for experienced craftsmen and beginners seamstresses. The first thing that attracts attention is the bright design, which includes the backlight and thread cutter.

Its main advantages are a large number of performed stitches with a maximum length of 4 mm. To make it convenient to work with small details, the model has a detachable sleeve console. The ability to sew in the opposite direction allows you to strengthen the seams. In semi-automatic mode, the machine switches to idling and can operate at a speed of 800 rpm. A beautiful and practical sewing machine is complemented by a soft case complete with a careful storage.
Minerva Select 65

With the assortment of 33 working operations in the sewing world, the model of the sewing machine Minerva Select 65 was presented. These are all kinds of working and decorative finishing operations. The model is characterized by horizontal winding of bobbins, a classical vertical shuttle.

For a more convenient sewing process, there is a reverse lever, which allows you to make seams back. The buttonhole is sewn on the semiautomatic machine quickly and without turning the fabric. If necessary, the feet can be easily removed and new ones installed. It is convenient to work with narrow and small parts. A separate plus — in the backlight, which protects the eyes of the master, spending a lot of time at the typewriter.
Minerva Select 15

The sewing industry is also supplemented by the Minerva Select 15 — bright, stylish and multifunctional. It combines the best qualities of the previous machines, as well as new advantages. Thanks to the control wheel, you can select any of the 12 lines, adjusting it to 0.4 cm. Operations are performed in semi-automatic mode.
Working at speeds up to 800 rpm, the machine easily works with different materials, imposing reliable seams even in the most inaccessible places. When the bobbin is wound, the machine switches to idle. Masters say that it is convenient and practical. As well as additional LED-lighting, which allows the specialist to work with any lighting. Accelerates the sewing process, the presence of a thread cutter and the ability to quickly replace the paws, without inhibiting the work process.
On the quality of this model says the assembly of parts in Vietnam, from there to the market appears only the best technology. With a careful attitude and storage in a special case, you can use a sewing machine for many years.
All new models are created by improved prototypes of existing ones, but they have even more additional conveniences and open many additional functions.

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