Best Sewing Machine Options for Home

If you prefer a reliable technique, then the right choice is the Minerva Smart sewing machine. This is a new word in the garment industry.
Minerva Smart 12

It is ergonomic and compact. Twelve most necessary types of lines are easily switched thanks to a special pointer. The machine is equipped with a vertical shuttle and sews at a speed of 800 rpm. The bobbin is wound horizontally, while the machine starts to work at idle.

From a variety of fabrics, you can sew a variety of clothing patterns. And the pressure of the foot on the fabric is adjusted to the desired size. Work with small details, too, will not be difficult, sleeves and trousers are sewn using the sleeve console that is included. Seams are fixed by reverse sewing, which allows you to reverse. If the master works in the dark, it will come in handy with lighting — an innovative invention applicable to this machine.

This model is assembled by Vietnamese specialists who guarantee the reliability of assembly and the durability of the machine itself.
Minerva Smart 40

More functional is another representative of the garment industry — Minerva Smart 40. In production, as well as on an individual basis, it easily performs 34 kinds of lines — from the most simple workers to the refined elastic ones. Therefore, it is easy to sew different kinds of clothes on it, using all kinds of materials for this. The presser foot and the tension of the upper thread are easily adjustable.

The novelty of the machine is the hooking of the loop in one step in automatic order, as well as the cutting of the threads. It works quickly and efficiently, performing up to 800 rpm. The strength of the seams guarantees a reverse lever, which allows them to be reliably secured with a back seam.
Minerva Smart 60

In order to choose the ideal sewing machine for personal use, you should pay attention to the model Minerva Smart 60. working on it is a pleasure for both beginners and professionals.

Here are the main advantages of the model:

Possibility to work with 34 types of joints;
Automatic hooking of the loop for 1 stage;
Thread trimmer;
Presence of illumination;
The lever of the reverse, allowing to strengthen the seams;
The ability to easily replace the paws with the required ones;
Protective pouch as a gift.

The machine will become an assistant not only for the housewife, but can be used in small production. It is collected by the best specialists who guarantee high quality and long years of operation of this model.

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