Compact and functional sewing machines

Meet bright representatives of the new generation of sewing machines — Minerva NEXT. Three wonderful models — functional and comfortable.


Minerva NEXT 141D

Minerva NEXT 141D — an excellent option for fans and professionals with the ability to use in person and in the studio. Regardless of the type of fabric, you can work with different samples.

The universality of the model is confirmed by the four legs that come with the kit. With their help you can not only make seams, but also sew up zippers and buttons. Thanks to the mechanism of easy replacement it is always possible to quickly change to the right foot. The thread tension and the presser foot are adjusted as required.

Among the indisputable advantages of the new sewing machine are multifunctionality, additional conveniences in work (illumination of the working space). The model is supplied with a cover for protection from dust and other external factors.
Minerva NEXT 232D

Among the leaders in compactness and functionality — the Minerva NEXT 232D. It does not take up much space and will become an assistant for anyone who has anything to do with sewing. The machine works with different materials, performing 23 kinds of lines. Stitches can be adjusted from 0 millimeters to five and select the desired one thanks to the rotating disc. It is possible to perform operations with small parts (for this, a sleeve console comes with a machine) and make stitches in hard-to-reach places. In order to make loops, you do not need to turn the fabric. Cut and thread threads can be in automatic order, which saves the master’s time. And in order for the seams to be strong and well fixed, the reverse lever should be used.

Vietnamese assembly of a bright and stylish sewing machine is a guarantee of its reliability and durability, and the presence of a dust cover is an additional bonus. Special LED lighting makes the sewing process easier and easier.
Minerva NEXT 363D

36 kinds of lines that easily switch among themselves — it is possible with a new sewing machine Minerva NEXT 363D. It is compact and convenient to use. Due to the fact that the presser foot can be adjusted, as well as the tension of the upper thread, the master can work with all kinds of fabric. Seams are strengthened due to the possibility of reverse sewing in reverse order. All actions take place in semi-automatic mode. When winding spools, the machine switches to idle.

A set of additional pads is supplied with the model, which are easily replaced. As well as a cover for careful storage of the machine, which protects it from dust and moisture, thereby prolonging the period of its operation.

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