About Minerva

Do you know Minerva from ancient Roman mythology? Great warrior, zealous patron of knowledge, crafts and arts. Who does not know how to know all the details of sewing?
It was her in the distant 1871, depicted on the first sewing machine two ambitious entrepreneur: Emil Rezler (Emil Rezler) and Joseph Kom (Josef Kom). A young businessman and a genius creator shared their efforts in sewing in the heart of Austria — the magnificent Vienna, the cradle of reliability and quality.
In 1881 their machines were based on the technology of Wheeler and Wilson and were offered in four main types. The key part was the four-stroke rack-and-pinion motor of the fabric, thanks to which the Minerva sewing machines were already the fastest on the market.
In 1913 production moved to Moravia. In 1918, each Minerva sewing machine produced up to 50,000 pieces of clothing per year.


This was the first Minerva sewing machine,
Assembled at an Austrian factory

Over the years, technologies have been improved, new components, enclosures and materials have been created, and only the name «Minerva» remained a constant symbol of quality.
In 1938 production again expanded and moved to a new building in Boskovice. Already in 1953, Minerva, having secured technical support from BATA, began the production of industrial sewing machines, including leather goods.
In 1961, another production facility was opened in the city of Prostejov (today it belongs to the territory of the Czech Republic). It was here that for the first time machines were created for processing button buttons of outerwear.
In 1967, the company introduced a new zigzag stitch, performed by a special large hook.
And suddenly in 1968 the leadership of Minerva unexpectedly and radically changes its plans. The production of household sewing machines stops, and the company focuses its efforts on industrial sewing equipment.
This continues until the early nineties. Over twenty years in Europe there is a real boom of factory production. In 1989, exports amounted to more than 22,000 industrial machines per year. However, women of fashion are not ready to dress in stores — trying to sew exclusive things with their own hands, they cause a growing demand for home sewing machines. As a result, already in 1990, Minerva renewed the production of sewing machines for the home in Czechoslovakia.


In 1993, Czechoslovakia is divided, and the Minerva factories are simultaneously in two European republics: the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A year later, for the development of the design of household sewing machines Minerva is taken by the British company European Solution Ltd. Now on each typewriter there is an inscription: «Designed and specified by European Solutions, London, UK» is a prestigious mark of the work of the best specialists of Europe.
After the acquisition by the DÜRKOPP ADLER Group of shares of Minerva Boskovice in 1997, the directions are divided. Now the German company is responsible for industrial equipment, and Minerva Trade House LLP is fully focused on household sewing machines.
In 2001 Minerva officially comes to Ukraine! The company «Fairy Service» becomes an exclusive dealer, the official representative and the sole supplier of the prestigious brand in the territory of Ukraine. Beginning of direct deliveries of household sewing machines Minerva to the Ukrainian market.

Minerva: embracing her beauty